GraphicJet Controller TsC20


Where other printers only work with their own brand software, Kortho leaves the choice of software completely up to you. All Kortho printers are basically industrial PC’s with a print-head. Because of this any imaginable software, connector or communication protocol is plug & print compatible and 100% industry 4.0 ready. So the use of the free label design and management software on the 20” touchscreen controller is totally optional. This makes you completely free to objectively choose the software and machine control method that’s best suited for your application. A Kortho printer adjusts itself to your coding need, and not the other way around!


  • Standardly equipped with 20cm full color Windows OS touchscreen controller.
  • Label design and management software directly on controller making an extra PC no longer needed to design and manage labels.
  • Unicode and TrueType font support for all system menu’s, keyboards, label elements and counters.
  • Internal barcode generator for more than 113 different barcode types.
  • Serialization functions for (2D) barcodes which can be generated real-time from (PLC)strings, ERP databases or from a custom string that can be freely composed using internal printer counters.
  • 42 MB internal memory capacity.
  • Real-time ink consumption calculation.
  • Supported communication protocols: Windows network driver, RS232, PLC commands, ERP direct, BCD protocol.
  • Supported connectors: Encoder, Product detection, Print request, USB, I/O, Serial port, Ethernet, BCD.
  • Compatible with all Windows based software like Nicelabel, Bartender, Codesoft, SAP, Navision etc.
  • Real-time printing from multiple (ERP) databases through ODBC and Nicelabel.
  • Control up to 2 individually programmable print-heads with 1 controller.
  • X-18 and X-72 print-heads can be freely interchanged with TsC20 controller including automatic print-head