In 2004, Universal Enterprises was founded as a partnership firm to cater to the needs of the-then growing Bangalore. Later as the organization grew at 70% CAGR, the partnership firm was restructured and incorporated in 2008 as Universal Energy Systems Private Limited. Albeit the change in legal structure, the companies vision - to become the one stop shop for innovative technology solutions to cater to the diverse needs of Industry 4.0, has remained undetered.

Partnering with giants such as Rexroth - a Bosch Company and Kortho - a pioneer in the field of Coding and Marking, Universal offers a wide portfolio of products, solutions and services that help our clients to upgrade their operations and make them ready for the next Industrial Revolution.

P^3 - Pride, Perfection and Passion


An engineering solutions provider, Universal prides itself with umpteenth Innovative Projects.

We take Pride in our:
Honesty - there is no stone unturned when it comes to unravelling the truth and be an open book to our suppliers, stake holders and also to our customers

Simplicity - keeping it simple allows us to nurture the tree of growth without any complications

Traceability - Providing a guaranteed backtracking mechanism for upto 5 years.


Constantly reinnovating - Race to perfection has no finish line. The requirement of a solution that will work in all circumstances can be achieved only if one meticulously enjoys paying attention to detail. Since our inception, Universal has worked tirelessly to build algorithms and support systems that ease the flow of material, right from procurement uptill delivery.


All of the above cannot be achieved without the willingness of ones own heart. Passion is a very strong driver to make things possible and the ability to give our 100% to what we commit to has helped Universal earn the Reputation and Trust it has today. We are passionate about everything that we do at Universal.

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